Sector Restaurant is a preferred luxurious restaurant in a 9-hole golf course situated in Bali – and close to city. We are open for special sumptuous breakfast till dinner every day and every meal is a delight both to your taste buds & nutrition needs.

As a golf course restaurant in Bali, we also cater to functions such as big weddings, product launchings, customer gatherings, among many others, and we provide these with either indoor or outdoor option.

As a family-friendly restaurant with world-class chefs on board our team, we offer varied menu in a very warm, welcoming luxurious atmosphere. We serve the best of local favorites and these are dished in generous portions to your delight & satisfaction.

We run a restaurant that’s super ideal for pre or post-golf activities, and you may come in just for the great menu and beverages & awesome views.

Sector Restaurant has been serving first-rate menu around the golf course for some time now and we have won the hearts of everyone (VIPs, dignitaries, diplomats, and just every other person), and we would like you to come in and find out why this is so – with a taste of our food that will keep you coming for more! We simply deliver that menu that’s incomparable and the most supreme of traditional golf course dining.

You can book a date now online, or simply walk in – and enjoy our immaculate service, within a sparkling atmosphere, with awesome views to offer you that unforgettable experience!